NGAL Products


NGAL (neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin, lipocalin-2, siderocalin) is a small, robust protein, which is released into, and can be detected in, both urine and blood upon kidney tubular damage.

In recent years NGAL has been shown to be perhaps the earliest biomarker to respond to acute kidney injury in humans. After such injury, NGAL levels rise quickly and markedly in both urine and blood, showing a wide response range in comparison with other proposed biomarkers of kidney injury.

Because of this NGAL is a valuable biomarker for use in research and development, and we supply a complete range of NGAL products, including ELISAs, monoclonal antibodies and antigens for research and study purposes.

NGAL products from BioPorto:

  • Monoclonal Anti-NGAL antibodies for research and study purposes
  • NGAL ELISAs for medical research and clinical trials
  • Recombinant NGAL proteins (antigens)


Monoclonal Anti-NGAL antibodies NGAL ELISAs Recombinant NGAL proteins (antigens)

About the NGAL Assay

Although NGAL is best known as being a biomarker of acute kidney injury (AKI), and is proving to be of great value in drug development in this context, it is now being implicated in as a key component of a number of other pathways and disease states. These include cancer, inflammation and sepsis.

Our sensitive and reliable ELISA based NGAL assays provide a reliable and sensitive means of measuring NGAL levels in both pharmaceutical and medical research settings.

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