Monoclonal Anti-NGAL Antibodies


Monoclonal Anti-NGAL antibodies

These products form a unique range of NGAL animal and human antibodies, which enables researchers to focus on kidney damage throughout the drug development process. In this way they are able to bridge the gap between drug discovery, pre-clinical research and human clinical trial.

An evolving range of high quality monoclonal anti-NGAL antibodies from BioPorto is available and form the ideal complementary products to the NGAL ELISA kits and the NGAL antigens.

As such they are well suited use individually or in sandwich pairs for a wide range of immunoassay applications such as ELISA, Immunoblotting and Immunohistochemistry.

Antibodies are available to a variety of forms of NGAL derived from various different species.

  • Anti-NGAL (human) antibodies
  • Anti-NGAL (mouse) antibodies
  • Anti-NGAL (rat) antibodies
  • Anti-NGAL (dog) antibodies
  • Anti-NGAL (pig) antibodies
  • Anti-NGAL (monkey) antibodies


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About the NGAL Assay

Although NGAL is best known as being a biomarker of acute kidney injury (AKI), and is proving to be of great value in drug development in this context, it is now being implicated in as a key component of a number of other pathways and disease states. These include cancer, inflammation and sepsis.

Our sensitive and reliable ELISA based NGAL assays provide a reliable and sensitive means of measuring NGAL levels in both pharmaceutical and medical research settings.

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