NGAL ELISA Kits for Research




To support research and study purposes, we supply a range of NGAL ELISA kits which are compatible with commonly used models:

Medical Research: NGAL is up-regulated dramatically in damaged renal tubular cells and passes from the tubular cells into both urine and blood. NGAL changes in these fluids can be used to assess kidney status as a supplement to other established medical products or procedures.

Clinical Trials: Drug-induced acute kidney injury account for as much as 25% of all episodes of acute renal failure – a serious problem in clinical medicine as well as in the pharmaceutical industry. In drug development, some therapeutic candidates fail due to unexpected toxic effects in the kidneys, resulting in adverse outcomes and ultimately development termination of these candidates (attrition). The use of NGAL as part of a biomarker panel during a preclinical drug selection strategy in drug development aids the selection of the most promising drug candidates.

In order to provide the best possible support to researchers in the nephrotoxicity arena, BioPorto supply a wide range of ELISA based kits for NGAL measurement for use in both animal and human systems.

  • Human NGAL ELISA (total)
  • Human NGAL ELISA (monomer)
  • Mouse NGAL ELISA
  • Monkey NGAL ELISA (new)


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About the NGAL Assay

Although NGAL is best known as being a biomarker of acute kidney injury (AKI), and is proving to be of great value in drug development in this context, it is now being implicated in as a key component of a number of other pathways and disease states. These include cancer, inflammation and sepsis.

Our sensitive and reliable ELISA based NGAL assays provide a reliable and sensitive means of measuring NGAL levels in both pharmaceutical and medical research settings.

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